Thursday, January 13, 2011

LVW Col: Three Vegas Books

I took on three new Vegas books this week. So far, one author is ecstatic and one "author" is stomping his feet like a little girl. (See her precious rant in the comments.) That's how it goes when you call a hack a hack. Enjoy. -sf

The good, the bad and the meh:
The read on three new Vegas books


I hate reading books by local authors I know. If I dislike them, I want to say so and that gets awkward. So I try not to.

Recently, though, two writers insisted: former CityLife scribe Matthew O’Brien and Weekly staffer Rick Lax. And just as I dug into their latests, Stephens Media sent a copy of prolific Vegas biographer Jack Sheehan’s newest. Three is a nice round number to journalists, so I spent the first week of 2011 plowing through them.

Of them, I most dreaded O’Brien’s My Week At the Blue Angel.

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Anonymous said...

If Matthew O'Brien had just slipped $86 into the book before he asked you to review it all of this drama would have been avoided. :)

Matthew said...

i'm not stomping my feet like a little girl. i, among other things, pointed out that you exaggerated and had misleading information in your column. you're a bad writer and, if possible, a worse person.

David Wexler said...

Wow, Mrs. O'Brien. Even your insults lack flair and creativity. You calling Friess a bad writer is a little like Father Geoghan calling the Pope a bad Catholic.