Thursday, January 27, 2011

This week's LVW Col: Defrocking The Twitter Twerps

I erred several months ago in bestowing praise upon a pair of brothers who wield their alleged Twitter influence as a sledgehammer cracking open the Vegas safe for goodies. Recent events have altered my original admiration, so I followed up. Now, not surprisingly, the Twitterverse is buzzing like mad and even old enemies have paused in their enmity to praise me. Fun. Read on. -sf

Setting the record straight about Vegas’ Twitter twerps

I’m known for taking on sacred cows, and that has earned me many foes. But I also have support from a sizable population that relies on me to be real in a city famed for artifice.

The latter, however, were disappointed and baffled by my August 18 column heralding brothers Bill Cody (@VegasBill) and Chris Rauschnot (@24k) as new media pioneers. The duo have parlayed an apparently huge Twitter following into coveted spaces on red carpets and seats at press conferences, and that pleased me because I’ve long advocated for respect for podcasters, bloggers and the like. Yet I was too eager to bestow such credit on these guys. At first I thought critics of that column were just jealous of the brothers, but now the scales have fallen from my eyes.

Cody and Rauschnot, you see, aren’t tilling new soil.

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