Monday, March 28, 2011

The Strip IS Live Tonight @ 8 p.m. PT!

It's the Donny & Marie show tonight at 8 p.m. PT on The Strip, deploying at least parts of my recent conversations with both of the sibling stars. You can watch Miles and me and listen via UStream by going here:

I believe we've made tremendous progress on the technology/equipment front for both the recording sound and our ability to broadcast solid audio, so wish us luck and join us! Or wait for the podcast version, probably out on Tuesday. That's your call!


Anonymous said...

Tut Steve. You got the wife all excited about a new D&M album ( and me a little scared to have to listen to another ) but the one featured in the show we have had for at least 18 months ( in UK ). In fact when we went to see the show in Feb 2010 Joyce was disapointed some of the songs had not yet been introduced into the show.
I guess I know what tickets I will be booking now, for our next visit.