Thursday, May 31, 2007

Brandon Flowers: Other Vegas Bands Are Jealous

The Brandon Flowers interview is up (along with the rest of the episode including a really great Top Secret Tourist Tip of the Week). Click on that link above or right-click here to download it to your computer and listen at your leisure.

Here's the part that's bound to get some attention (Tramps is the gay bar the band first started out playing in):

"We want people to be proud of us, y'know? There's so much jealousy that goes on in Las Vegas about what we've done. And it's kind of a shame. We'll sell out the show but a lot of the people are going to be from L.A. It's pretty pathetic. It's a common thing for people in your hometown to kind of shy away. The people who filled Tramps up, those people aren't going to be in the front as they were before we sold any records. They're going to be bitching about it on blogs."

Flowers also talks about playing with U2, those gay rumors and what's next after they wrap up their second tour on Friday at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Also up is a BONUS edition featuring an animated interview with drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr., who tells of playing a Caesars Palace lounge at age 6 and responds to critics of the second album, "Sam's Town." Right-click here to download that.