Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Real and Fake Liza Sunday

Hope you're all having a nice holiday weekend!

Miles and I were out yesterday spending money like drunken gay sailors, refurnishing our bedroom, kitchen and living room, plus replacing my dying iPod and picking up a fancy camcorder so we can start doing more video editions of "The Strip."

Meanwhile, after all the hullabaloo surrounding the Mel Brooks stuff, I've been busy finishing a few uninspiring but well-paying assignments to pay for all that loot.

More interestingly, though, I'm off tonight to the Imperial Hellhole, err, Palace to cover the 16th annual "Reel Awards," an awards show for the celebrity impersonators industry, for The New York Times. Should be a trip. And as of now I'm still debating whether to attend Liza Minnelli's "gypsy" show at 1 am at the Luxor, a free show for her fellow Strip performers, which she calls "my kids." I hate being out that late, but it's Liza and it's a raw retro Vegas throwback to the Rat Pack era when such shows were common. Also, it'll be fun to see if I can tell the difference between the real Liza and all the fakes I'm bound to encounter!

It'll also be interesting since Liza herself got surprisingly rankled last summer when I interviewed her for "The Strip" and asked her about all the impersonators who make a living doing her. You can hear that off-the-wall chat here or right-click to download it and hear it whenever you wish.