Friday, May 11, 2007

Chris Albrecht: Do You Know Who I Am?

It's not every day an act of violence in Vegas ruins someone's career. OK, it does happen aplenty -- Adam "Pacman" Jones can attest to that, too.

But here to your right is a copy -- click it to make it readable -- of the narrative of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police report from the domestic battery charge against HBO CEO Christopher Albrecht a few hours after the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight at MGM Grand. Took me all day at police records to get this thing on behalf of Newsweek (see our story here) but they didn't post the actual report so I figured I would.

Albrecht's girlfriend's name was redacted as was the officers involved. But according to this, not only did he grab her with BOTH hands around the neck and try to drag her toward the door from the valet area. The guy had to be very drunk but also full of hubris having just produced the most profitable fight in history to do something like this in plain view of probably hundreds of people.

What's even better is the quiet line in here that he told the officer he was the CEO of HBO. Does it EVER work to tell the cops you're someone important? Didn't he ever hear about Mel Gibson?

In the past week, the national press has tried to tar the local police as protectionist of Vegas' rich and powerful, inexplicably suggesting the Luxor bombing incident was being swept under the rug. (They have a person of interest as of last night.)

This seems to prove to me that these are just typical Vegas stereotypes. The guy was the top dog at the network that just staged one of the biggest events of the year. The girlfriend was busy insisting nothing had happened and that she wouldn't cooperate with an investigation. And STILL they arrest the guy.

Still think the cops are in bed with the casinos?


Dan Kane said...

nice job steve! hope all those deadlinehollywood folks look at the rest of your blog and the podcast!