Sunday, May 6, 2007

She wants her placenta - and to eat it, too!

This morning I woke up disappointed that I lost my $40 bet that Mayweather would KO De La Hoya and depressed to read in the morning paper that our entire food supply is in danger because honeybees are dropping like, uh, flies, and the Dead Sea is evaporating before I ever get to try to float in it.

But what really freaked Miles and me out this morning was this Review-Journal piece by Annette Wells about a Las Vegas woman who is very, very upset because Sunrise Hospital refused to allow her to keep her placenta following the birth of her daughter last month.

And what, pray tell, does she wish to do with the thing?


No, really. The woman knows someone who turns the temporary organ into pills that supposedly allay the impact of afterbirth hormonal changes that are believed to cause postpartum depression. To wit, here's what they do:

"Selander washes the placenta, steams it, slices it and places it into a professional grade dehydrator. It is then ground up into a powder and put into nongelatin capsules."

Yum. Or something.


Dan Kane said...

This. Is. Gross.

Anonymous said...

This is not gross - ingesting the placenta has health benefits that has been recognized in the east for centuries. I had mine encapsulated!