Monday, May 21, 2007

Good Readin's

A few good reads I've been meaning to mention...

* Ryan Nakashima of the Associated Press is mostly confined to writing in the staid, APish way. But they let him off the reservation in a big way last month to do a first-person account of bouncing around with Buzz Aldrin on a new attraction from Zero Gravity Corp that flies Vegas tourists over the Pacific and somehow makes them weightless in the process. Fun stuff.

* Kim Barker, who was editor-in-chief of the Daily Northwestern when I was a sophomore in college, is now a Chicago Tribune foreign correspondent in the Middle East. Most of her work is just god-awful depressing because, well, that's the news over there. But this genius story about -- get this! -- a transvestite TV presenter in Pakistan. Rarely does news from this region make you smile, so take it when you can get it. And Kim is as terrific a writer as I remember.

* Sonya Padgett of the Las Vegas Review-Journal nailed another excellent piece this Sunday, this time a profile of the surprisingly mundane lives of a couple who each make their living stripping. Padgett's been doing some really good stuff lately, which is why it's all the more puzzling that she's stuck writing these silly "Strip Tips" boxes every Sunday, blurbs about tourist attractions that everyone already knows about.


Dave L said...

that piece by ryan was fun. thanks for sharing!