Friday, May 25, 2007

Pathetic Vegas

Associated Press reporter Kathleen Hennessey hit a big homer this week with this I-wish-I'd-done-that piece about lazy Vegas tourists renting those scooters usually used by really obese or frail people to get up and down the Strip rather than walking or taking the Monofail.

Wrote Hennessey: Michelle Bailey, a slender, apparently healthy 22-year-old, used a scooter to get around a pool tournament at the Riviera hotel-casino. "Four-inch heels," she explained with a laugh, pointing to her red pumps.

I do take issue to this part of her prose: "Forking over $40 and their pride..."

This assumes these people had pride to begin with. Can you imagine another city where people would do this? I'd like to see these folks slide backwards on some of San Francisco's steepest streets!

The worst part was Hennessey wasn't even doing this piece in the dead of summer, when it's 115 out and maybe, just maybe, there might be some justification for behaving like an invalid. No, not even then.


Anonymous said...

The upshot is that if these people keep using these things, they'll be really obese in no time and then it'll be fitting for them to use them!!!