Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Strip is LIVE Tonight, 7-8 pm PT!

Departing from our usual celeb-driven format, we're focusing this week on security and safety in Las Vegas following the Luxor car bomb incident and the New York-New York shooting. This week's show features an interview with former Sheriff Bill Young and a chat with Justin Lampert, an Iraq War vet from North Dakota who helped tackle the shooter at the New York-New York.

Plus, news from Vegas, the trivia question, the poll, letters and the Top Secret Tourist Tip of the Week.

Join us live from 7-8 pm PT at LVRocks.Com.


Anonymous said...

I thought Justin Lampert was going to be interveiwed? What happened? We sat here for an hour listening to your show just for Justin.

TheStripPodcast.Com said...

Sorry - sometimes we run out of time on the live show. The Lampert interview will be included in the podcast version, which posts tomorrow.