Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Major WHHSH Shame for the AP's Larry McShane

I've been off this soapbox for a while because it was getting redundant and a bit too easy to point out terrible abuses of the already-overused What Happens Here Stays Here -- known here as WHHSH -- tourism slogan.

But my friend Shaun in Phoenix pointed this one out and it simply cannot be left unnoticed. It's too terrible.

Larry McShane is a TV writer for the Associated Press. He clearly was desperate for a way to end his glowing review of a new Sundance Channel series starting Sept. 10 called "Sin City Law," which goes over a four particularly gruesome crimes that happened in Clark County in recent years in two hour-long dissections each. McShane's dazzled by the storytelling, the camera work, the interviews. Fine. I'm not convinced we're going to be as enchanted, but it bears giving a chance if only because the filmmakers have won Peabodys and Oscars.

It's McShane's pathetic ending that just killed Shaun and then, of course, me.

"And it's compelling television, here only through Oct. 1. Be glad that, thanks to "Sin City Law," what happens in Clark County no longer stays in Clark County."



Gregory_Zephyr said...

In this week's SF Weekly here in San Francisco, writer Nathan Eaton wrote a column as a diary of his adventures at the Burning Man festival in Northern Nevada. He ended his story with the phrase, "What Happens at Burning Man, Stays at Burning Man." Of course the fact that he wrote about what has been happening there tends to suggest the opposite is true.