Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another Wynn-derful Night - 7:05 pm PT!

I've got to interview Maria Bartiromo (aka the Money Honey) in five minutes for a Vegas Magazine cover story due later today and crank a quickie for the Times on the Plaza Hotel name game, so I may not blog much today. But I wanted to remind y'all that the second, better half of my recent Wynn interview will be aired tonight during our live show.

This time out, Wynn discusses the Plaza's design, the details of the deal that wasn't with Bette Midler and what exactly he and Andrew Lloyd Webber have been doing hanging out together.

So, as always, join us in the chat at LVROCKS.COM or wait till Thursday for the podcast.

Next week: A Celine tribute with the show's director and one dancer who has been with "...A New Day" for its entire run.


Jeff Leatherock said...

Does Wynn use another forum to speak to the public as much or as often as The Strip? I'm guessing he's up to about 90 minutes a year on your show. I assume he likes what you do. Do you know if he sees the upside to the podcaasts? I see a chance for you to put toghether the Wynn podcast. A quarterly infomercial of 30 to 60 minutes where we little people listen in rapt attention to the wit and wisom of the rock star of the casino world. I'm serious, you guys make an entertaining team.

Joey said...

Steve, I would like to compliment you on your interviewing style.

You get huge interviews and are completely comfortable no matter how big the guest. YOu never seem ruffled and ask hard hitting questions, mostly the questions that everyone wants answered but most interviewers wouldn't be brazen enough to ask.

Kudos to you and Miles for an excellent podcast. I look forward to it as soon as I finish the latest one.

On another note in re:The Trippies.
I listen to a couple Vegas podcasts and it seems like a shame that there has to be a winner because the four that I listen to are so very different but all bring something great to the table.

Keep up the great work!