Friday, January 4, 2008

Tip Sharing Drama Continues

It's very funny to go back now and listen to my chat with Steve Wynn in Macau in August 2006 and hear him talking about what a surprise it has been that his fiat to redistribute the tips of his casino dealers had occurred with very little to-do. He really said that. And now it's January 2008 and his and Caesars dealers have both unionized in response and the R-J reported the other day on a related labor complaint that makes Wynn sound arrogant and out of touch.

But proof that this is going to go on and on comes from uberpundit Jon Ralston, who broke news just now on his e-mail Flash that the International Union of Gaming Employees filed an initiative for a state ballot question aimed at prohibiting forced tip-sharing. That's right; the voters of Nevada may have to weigh in on this thing. I wonder how sympathetic the public will be to the best-paid tip-workers in the nation.

I'll update if Jon updates. His initial notification promised more details later and, I'm sure, the R-J and the AP will have more complete reports later or tomorrow.