Monday, March 3, 2008

Can you bet on the election in Vegas?

My father just called. He was asking me to find out the Vegas betting-line odds on the presidential election. I was bemused and explained to him that there is no such thing. The Brits are known for this sort of thing, but I don't believe that betting on electoral politics in the United States is legal. I mean, how would that work, anyway? What sort of handicapping would go on?

Sometimes, I told him laughing, casinos put out odds just for fun on some things. He seemed convinced such a betting construct exists.

Am I right or wrong?


twallack said...

According to CNN, it's illegal to bet on the U.S. election in Vegas.

But if you're curious about the odds, here's a handy Irish site that lets people bet on the election.
Hillary is favored to win Rhode Island and Ohio. Obama is favored to win Texas and Vermont -- as well as the overall Democratic Nomination.

Vincent said...

According to William Hill in the UK. To win he Democratic nomination:

Barack Obama 1/5
Hillary Clinton 10/3