Sunday, March 2, 2008

Don't You Wish She Was Yours?

Much is said and written about how well ex-mob mouthpiece Oscar Goodman fits the role of Vegas mayor, but few outside of our area are aware of just how perfectly Rep. Shelley Berkley fits as the sole member of Congress to represent the Las Vegas Strip. And I was reminded of this spotting Molly Ball's Review-Journal item today about pointing out that her supporters at the recent Clark County Democratic Convention were wearing T-shirts with this unabashed, leggy logo. I scanned and enlarged from the paper it because I couldn't find the image online anywhere.

Anyhow, this is not a political statement: Berkley is the perfect Vegas counterpart to Goodman. The former casino cocktail waitress is loud, brassy and unashamed by anything about the city. Heck, she spoke openly on "The Strip" in February 2006 about her cosmetic surgery, joking about attracting the youth vote and spawning the first really big moment of coverage for our little show in Roll Call and on the Drudge Report.

What's more, take a quick look at her campaign website for one simple reason: I am quite sure she's the only member of Congress whose site has THAT icon following around your cursor.


Michele said...

That is the best cursor icon ever!