Monday, April 14, 2008

How I Wrote Off My Trip To Switzerland By Blogging

Actually, that headline's a lie. I'll be able to write off my Switzerland trip because I wrote about those poor Swiss pussies for the New York Times and made that video for "The Petcast." But there are some expenses I deduct from my podcasting and blogging life.

Is that kosher? I wondered. So I did this Tax Day piece for Wired today on just that topic.

Can condoms be a write-off?
Anneke Rudegeair, aka Soccergirl Incorporated, the self-described "podcasting librarian with big tits" thinks so. And who's to argue with that? Kinda gives new life to the phrase "The Taxman Cometh," no?


twallack said...

Fantastic story. Of course, if you check with a tax lawyer, I suspect he/she will tell you that you can't write off your entire Swiss vacation just because you did a little bit of work along the way. The trip would have to be *primarily* for business reasons. But you can certainly write off any additional business-related expenses while you were there. So if you had to travel to a different Swiss town for the New York Times piece -- or stayed an extra night -- you could write off that portion of the trip. But I admire your creativity.


first of all, we did make special trips out of our way and go to certain places expressly to do the piece. We wouldn't have rented a car, for instance, if we hadn't needed to. And it's all in the way you explain it in an audit, isn't it? Of course, that may be the sequel to this piece -- how the IRS uses material posted on blogs to prove an audit target's state of mind or intentions!!!

gregoryzephyr said...

A stripper asked me one time if I thought she could deduct the cost of her outfits and shoes from her taxes. I asked, "Do you actually pay taxes?" She replied, "Oh, I don't think I do."