Thursday, April 17, 2008


About a month ago, I interviewed Steve Wynn. We had this exchange:

Friess: So, Danny Gans. Are you actually talking to him?

Wynn: No, no. What gave you that idea?

Friess: It's been in the papers that you've been trying to get Danny to come over to the Wynn.

Wynn: No, no, no. I would love to have Danny come over but he does four performances a week and it would be great to have him, but, you know, I can't have a theater with four performances a week.

Yet today, Mike Weatherford broke the news that Danny's coming to the Wynn, err, Encore, next year to replace him next year.

Odd, no? I feel punk'd. Congrats to Mike, though.


Anonymous said...

Danny Gans is the most OVER RATED performer on The Strip. The show I went to if he didnt introduce the artist he was doing or play the signature song, people didnt know-- and it's not because his references were THAT out of date (and they are)