Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm Game...Is She?

Hunter Hillegas at RateVegas.Com has a brilliant idea: A Vegas trivia face-off between Christina Binkley and me on a live Webcast. I've already said I'm game, so long as each of us ponies up $50 for the winner's Vegas-related charity of choice. Hunter's pledged another $100. Anyone else who wants add to the pot, let Hunter know.

So, the question now is, will Ms. Binkley join us? And, to paraphrase her own book's pivotal moment about the MGM-Mirage buyout, will it be FRIENDLY or UN-FRIENDLY? I mean, after all, she has likened me to Matt Drudge. Tis the cost of trying to insist on the highest levels of accuracy and fairness from, egad, a Wall Street Journal reporter.

Game on.


John said...

A "friendly or unfriendly" debate -- this is getting kind of funny. Who's going to judge who the winner of the debate is?