Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wynn explains...

I'm just off the phone with Steve Wynn, who had read the previous posting. In fact, his assistant called and said, "Steve Wynn said if you're over feeling punk'd, he'd like to speak to you." I didn't even think Wynn would know what it means to be punk'd! The man is full of surprises!

Anyhow, Wynn insisted that when we spoke a month ago, he believed the deal with Gans was a no-go, he didn't know it had hit the rumor mill and he didn't want to give it new life. There are reasons for that that he did not want me to disclose and that's fine, but I did think it's important for his credibility as well as my own to post this vague follow-up. Based on our conversation and some of the off-record information, I'm confident he did not intentionally mislead me.

He was actually very funny about it, in a swell mood, clearly delighted to have snagged Danny Gans. At one point, he went on a funny loop and called me a professional snitch. Then, later, he revisited it to say, "And you're a very good professional snitch."

As usual, he threw me a bone or two. Arf. I'll report some of it at some point later, but right now I've got to do some work for which someone will pay me.


mike_ch said...

I guess I should start watching my mouth if Steve Wynn is truly reading this blog.

Hi, Steve!

Gargamello said...

Who's Danny Gans?

Anonymous said...

I want Mr. Wynn to hear this. Bellagio is a better casino

Anonymous said...

If Danny Gans is such a headliner, how come you can get tickets almost every day on
The "encore" theater and the le reve theater seem to be cursed. The show Le Revision is nice, but it looks just like a cirque show, minus the great "acts" Dont get me wrong...the performers are amazing, it is just that the show has nothing WOW about it. Moving lights (concerts) fog (every show) flying curtain (o) Dragone must be laughing all the way to the bank.
Drain the pool and start over.