Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And now for something silly...

The Sahara just became, according to a weird little press release, the "first casino to open a separate players club for locals" that "includes a designated part of the casino floor called Locals Lane."

Uh, what? A rundown hotel on the Strip now wants to magically claim to also be a locals joint? Whose brilliant idea was that? Why would anyone go there when they can hang out at one of the Station properties which are nicer, have excellent rewards benefits, are closer and have decades of experience catering to this clientele?

Well, let's see how THEY explain it:

Locals Lane will feature machines that have better odds and payback percentages, comparable to those offered in neighborhood casinos. While locals have long been a prized patron of many casinos; the Sahara is the first strip property to openly cater to and reward local gamblers. In the sea of glitzy resort casinos that save the red carpet for the occasional whale or high-roller, the Sahara instantly classifies local gamblers at a VIP status. In conjunction with the designated local’s area, the Sahara has a new “Gold Card” for locals that offers bigger incentives and discounts for meals, shows, drinks, hotel rooms and merchandise. Card members will be treated like royalty at the Sahara, earning immediate access to all “Loyalty Pays” benefits, free gift days, and daily free pulls for a chance to win a $10,000 cash prize.

Wow. Times must really, really be tough. What happens if a tourist decides he wants to play on the machines in the Locals Lane because, as this press release admits, those machines are looser?

Am I missing something here?


Troy from Las Vegas said...

You know what is missing here Steve? The camels and their riders that used to hang out in the front of Sahara. Those are gone in exchange for some traffic lines and signage.
First they lose Amazing Johnathan. Then they lose Brett Daniels. Now the camels and their riders. What could be next?