Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sweet Regards

Last night, I had dinner again at Simon in Palms Place. It really is a terrific restaurant and, so I hear, is quickly becoming a popular lunch spot for the power-Vegas set who work on the west side of the Strip. Good for them.

Anyhow, this seemed worthy of showing y'all. My friends and I decided to go decadent with our desserts and shared this $25 "junk food" platter. See it here and try not to go into a diabetic coma:

Mmm. Here's what you get: Two pink snowballs, two cream-filled Hostess-style cupcakes, Rice Krispie treats and Fruit Loop treats, a vanilla milkshake, a package of five chocolate chip cookies, pink cotton candy, carmel popcorn and a bowl of peanut butter ice cream with hot fudge and some crunchy sweet stuff on top. (Chef and namesake Kerry Simon came by the table and told us he's experimenting with making Lucky Charms treats, too. God, he's evil.)

No, I -- nor we -- didn't eat it all. In fact, we all sampled this and that and I took home the rest of it. So, hooray, now I have lunch and dinner for a week! Kidding. Sort of.

But, you know, $25 for all that is really not a bad deal when split amongst you and your friends. Just a thought the next time you're at the Palms gambling, clubbing or seeing a show at the Pearl. Maybe the Simon menu in general is at the upper end, but this dessert platter isn't.


Daniel said...

my teeth hurt from seeing all that sugary goodness!

Yaaay said...

Nasty and delicous!!