Thursday, June 12, 2008

Caan Disses "Get Smart" in LAT

James Caan, honored this year with the Vegas Icon award at CineVegas, was in rare form when I interviewed him last week. With only 500 words available to me for my weekly Los Angeles Times piece, there wasn't room for all of the bombshells. Look forward to more news to break from that chat when it airs on "The Strip" next week. Topics? The now-dead "Las Vegas" TV show for one, Sarah Jessica Parker for another.

But for now, Caan is in the L.A. Times dissing the upcoming "Get Smart" film he's in that opens this weekend. I asked what he thought about Hollywood going back to the classic-TV well and he said:

"I think that people must be taking drugs, because they can't come up with anything new or maybe every story's already been told. That's why I'm looking for writers and waiting for something good to come along."



Raptus Regaliter said...

Here's a no brainer for Caan: Put pen to paper and write a story yourself. Try and get its production financed in Hollywood. Fat Chance!!

Hollywood doesn't take risks with unproven talents or storylines anymore.

I say if he wants to develop films and television, he'll need to quit bitching to the brass that don't care about ARTISTIC VISION.