Friday, June 13, 2008

What's Wrong With This Birdie?

UPDATE, 5:15 p.m. PT: Birdie died. Read what happened to her in the comments of this post. R.I.P.

UPDATE, 4:30 p.m. PT: Per instructions from a reader, Nicole, I caught the bird, gave it some water and seed (OK, it was McCormick's Salad Toppers, but I had to improvise not having bird seed on hand!) and then met up with Nicole to take the bird to a guy she knows who will try to rehab him. Will update if we learn more.

This poor little guy has been hopping around outside our house for the past day or so. He seems to be weakening -- he didn't even run away when I got up close to shoot this. I don't know what kind of bird he is, whether we ought to take him in and/or take him somewhere or if he's toast. One friend pointed us to this website, but now that I have a picture and everything, I thought I'd throw it out there here. Any thoughts?


Nicole said...

Steve, check your e-mail.

Nicole said...

Sad to say, little birdie didn't make it.


This from Nicole's friend, Phil, who tried to save the bird:

Sorry to say, she did not make it.

The red stuff was either Epoxy Paint, or an Automotive Enamel of some kind...

Was not blood.

Not Water soluble.

Definitely 'dry'.

Did the initial rehydration a.s.a.p. on her arrival, then again right after I got back from a lunch...whopped up some liquid light food but she was just fading fast and quietly just stopped moving while we were continuing with our rehydration and general inspection, and about to do a small amount of Juice-Wheatgrass Juice-Electrolyte Water.

No injurys I could find...just had gone too long without food and water...and possibly was poisoned preceding her privations.

She let me look into her Throat just fine, and then stopped breathing as I was looking and I was not able to revive her.

I think she had been poisoned by the Paint Solvents or fumes, however it is that she got into wet Paint like that.

Throat was clear, though looked anaemic/pale to me.

The Paint she had on her would not have prevented flying or finding food or water...

Beak was not glued shut, though initially I could not tell till she opened it when I was gently massaging it with Electrolyte Water to encourage her to sip,which she was.

I think she was badly effected by the Paint solvents and stopped flying and then starved-dehydrated because of that.

Sorry...had she had enough reserves left I think we could have probably pulled it off...but I did not wish to risk going too fast too soon with the rehydration, and we did have a good start on that, but her System I think had already in effect shut down too addition to whatever conjectural damage to her Liver and Kidneys and so on the Solvents or fumes may have done.

Young female Mocking Bird...

Thanks both of you for the good try.

robertw4771 said...

Steve is most definitely an animal lover! It was a good try.


Troy from Las Vegas said...

Sing a long time- Ever-ee-body have you ah have you heard? Steve's gonna buy me a... Oh never mind.