Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Riv's $20m Room Remodel

When we were at The Riviera the other night for this...

...I spotted these signs below showing the sleek new room product coming soon to the aged property. It's not quite the "gleaming gem" that this press release about the $20 million renovation effort over-enthuses, but it's something. I mean, at least there'll be iPod docking alarm clocks, which is more than can be said for the brand-new "world's most beautiful hotel" Palazzo!

I do wonder why properties like this go all-out on prettier rooms when it's the gross, stinky casino that makes people want to pack a gun. The press release said the casino was DONE being renovated, in which case the contractor is fired because it's unnoticeable. But at least they're doing something noticeably nice to the sports book.

Thank GOD it's "smoker friendly." Where else on the Strip would they boast that?


ChrisR said...

I love how at the bottom of the poster it says :

"Now Open-Wanna Bet?"...

Like they aren't quite sure if it is actually open..