Friday, June 6, 2008

The Show is UP: The Win and Yang of Poker

Here we are with 2007 WSOP champ Jerry Yang (center) and his father and brother-in-law at the LV Rocks studio last week for a really great and rare in-studio conversation. Also, hear on the show what the Fontainbleau folks are saying about their mysterious plans for their Vegas showroom.

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June 5: The Win and Yang of Poker

A year ago, Jerry Yang was a just a 39-year-old social worker from Temecula, California, with six kids, a hefty mortgage and a wife who worked nights to make ends meet. Today, he’s living proof of why the annual World Series of Poker is the one championship that anyone can win. Yang spent $225 to enter a local satellite tournament that led him to a seat at the 2007 Main Event where he walked away $8.25 million richer. Next month, he begins a defense of that crown but this week, he’s live in our studio to talk about the year that was, what he’s done with all that money and how he feels about the changes being made to this year’s W.S.O.P.

In Banter: CityCenter's brief strike, more details on Fontainebleau, a tour operator thinks straight men are neglected in Vegas and K-Fed is Father of the Year?!?