Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hot Mormon Hunks...and Babes?

You may have heard about the Mormon fellow who put together a beefcake calendar of returned missionaries in and out of the white-shirts-and-black-nametag get-up.

He got excommunicated last weekend for a variety of reasons but mostly because of the calendar's linkage of the chastity of missionaries and the raw sexuality of same. This prompted Newsweek to assign me to do a longer look at the calendar and its various issues. That piece is presently the most-emailed and read piece on Newsweek.Com right now over the past 24 hours. It's kind of amazing since the piece isn't even in the marquee on Newsweek's splash page.

The part I love most is not that Newsweek unwittingly chose one of the two gay models (that's him, Dustin, above) in the 2008 calendar (email me if you want to know who the other one is...) to use as the image with my story.

No, the best part is his disclosure of what comes next: Mormon Muffins: A Taste of Motherhood. That is, Mormon MILFs and their Jell-O mold recipes. Can the Mormons re-excommunicate someone?


bravone said...

Ok, I have to know who the gay ones are in the two calendars.