Monday, July 14, 2008

Much, Much, Much, Much Too Early

I once heard someone wish me a Merry Christmas the week after Halloween. I've seen ads for menorahs in September. Hell, in China they leave Xmas decorations up all year long, just like Wall-E.

Still, this is absurd.

I don't mean to beat up on the MGM Grand again. But they make it so easy.

I just got an email from them urging me to let them "help you with your holiday party." I wondered what "holiday" that could mean and, yep, they're really, really thinking ahead. It's July 15. Christmas is more than five months away. And MGM Grand send out this?

They must be talking about Xmas, right? I mean, note the "make a list, check it twice" allusion and the red and green motif? People don't generally throw Rosh Hashanah or Sweetest Day parties, do they?

And, much more importantly, this is the MGM Grand so it must be asked: Will they even honor whatever prices they quote? Meow!


GregoryZephyr said...

I read an article the other day urging people to make their travel reservations for the holidays now. With both airline cutbacks and airfare increases (with probably more to come), to get the best bargains and selection, now's the time. So if the savvy traveler is mulling holiday plans, maybe this ad isn't so far out of line.

Anonymous said...

Sweetest Day! Not many people in Vegas seem to know about Sweetest Day, in fact, I'd all but forgotten about it.