Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Breaking: Name Change For Manilow

Say buh-bye to this...

...and hello to this:

In what must be a fairly rare occurrence in Las Vegas, Barry Manilow's show at the Las Vegas Hilton has been renamed starting this fall when he returns for more shows next week. The singer's program has been known since its 2005 debut as "Music And Passion," stealing the phrase from "Copacabana."

The show going forward will be known as "Ultimate Manilow: The Hits." The show's site, MusicandPassion.Com even bounces now to UltimateManilow.Com. The difference? Hilton spokesman Ira David Sternberg said the new show will exclusively be Manilow's songs, as opposed to the earlier renditions that included some covers from his shockingly successful Greatest-Songs-Of-The-Pick-A-Decade albums. It's unclear whether he'll stick strictly to the songs on his 2002 album "Ultimate Manilow." Barry's expected to perform at the Hilton for at least two more years.

It would seem that Manilow could have altered the song mix without changing the name, but perhaps it's a chance to remind the media that he's still over there and to sell a whole new line of Manilow-branded swag.

The last time I recall a show changing its name it was La Femme at MGM Grand becoming Crazy Horse Paris. I can't think of another such instance.


VegasTeaRoom said...

It's just like poppers. Rush, Ultimate Rush, Bolt, Ultra Bolt, Manilow, Ultimate Manilow same stuff different label. And they all give you a headache.

Troy from Las Vegas said...

I disapprove. Why does everything gotta be 'Extreme' or 'Ultimate'?
Obviously it doesn't or this blog would be called Vegas Kicks A** Here...
Seriously, I agree, I think the show had probably started to lack some luster and with Donny and Marie heating up the Barely Man-enough people figured to remind the press the show is still playing. And sell more swag.

(Hi Miles.)