Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Strip Is Live Tonight At 7 PM PT!

The Strip is LIVE tonight at 7:05 p.m. PT with funnyman David Spade, who performs at Planet Hollywood on Aug 30-31 and, in general, twice a month. We'll also be chatting about the hooker that slapped Wynn, the pause that will refresh Echelon and why, oh why, people go to Vegas nightclubs.

Come into the chat room at LVRocks.Com at 7 p.m. or wait until later in the week for the podcast version. Your call.


Troy from Las Vegas said...

I was not able to be in live chat due to some pressing engagements so not sure if you covered this. I heard that Wynn restrained the female which is what started the whole ruckus? I heard also that that could be considered false imprisonment and kidnapping?

Phil said...

Audio quality on this podcast episode is pretty bad again. Only the right channel has any sound.


phil - i am fixing this now. thanks for letting us now.