Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wynn Paints The Town Red -- But WHY?

(Before I get into this, I need to point your Wynn-related attention to a bizarre piece in today's R-J in which a hooker allegedly slapped Wynn. Read Richard Abowitz's amusing take on what he calls the Dumbest Working Girl in Vegas.)

The economy's in the toilet. Unemployment is up -- to historic levels, if you believe the weird press release the Wynn folks put out upon announcing the start of hiring for Encore. So why, why, why, must Wynn waste so much capital buying ads all over the place to pimp the fact that they're hiring. The front-page piece in the R-J, a huge NYT feature and the lead position on the news wasn't enough? Don't these things travel through word-of-mouth anyway?

And it's not just that they're buying expensive full-page full-color ads in the Review-Journal day after day. These ads are popping up where you least expect them, like a full-page one in the current issue of Q Vegas, the local GLBT publication. And all over bus shelters like this one, which I spotted on my way home from covering the plea in the ricin case for the NY Times yesterday:

Also, evidently unaware what a yutz he is, the Wynn folks paid Michael Politz to shill this in an e-mail blast yesterday.

Am I missing something? Is he really going to have trouble finding good applicants in a down market?


Jamie said...

Is he really going to have trouble finding good applicants in a down market?

I think this is sort of exactly the point. There are so many people clamoring for jobs, trying to stay afloat, that Wynn is promoting himself as a savior. He's bestowing jobs on to the masses. This is advertising for him/the property cloaked as a want ad, so it's a little bit sneakier.

There can't be a "Look at this AWESOME hotel we just blew a ton of money on while you can't afford to feed your family!" kind of ad in the current climate of the nation, so he's getting it out another way -- acknowledging the atmosphere, but still selling.


that is an excellent interpretation, jamie. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Why are you at such a God forsaken bus stop, Steve? I'm afraid from half a country away.
Jeff in OKC

Anonymous said...

Upon further review, I'm on dope. Please disregard my previous question. Jeff in OKC