Saturday, September 13, 2008

Criss Angel's Cirque Gala Delayed

[UPDATE: Late shows between 10/11-10/30 are not canceled, a Cirque spokeswoman said. Preview seats are 25 percent off, so presumably ticketholders in that span will get a partial refund.]

It's may not be as big a deal as the past several scheduling shifts, but the gala opening for "Criss Angel Believe" at Luxor has now been pushed back from Oct. 10 to Halloween night, Oct. 31.

The question I haven't gotten answered yet is: Does this mean the cancellation of the later shows from Oct. 11-Oct. 30? The previews that still will start on Sept. 26 don't have late shows.

No real explanation has been offered for the gala change other than the fact that, according to a spokeswoman, Halloween always seemed the most appropriate night to debut this show. If that's so, though, what kept them from setting it up that way in the first place?

Either way, it's looing more and more like the kids in my neighborhood will be getting no candy. And the only thing wilder and more dazzling than a Cirque du Soleil premiere party may just be a themed Cirque du Soleil premiere party.