Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Turn Right at N. Elvis Alive Dr!

On Labor Day, I attended a barbecue thrown by a friend up on Mount Charleston. I just love going up there when I'm not heading to the abysmal, overpriced German restaurant racket called the Mount Charleston Lodge. It was about 25 degrees cooler than the valley, so for a couple of hours it was almost like that thing called autumn that I vaguely recall from my upbringing on Long Island.

Miles and I so wish we could live on the mountain. Hell, almost everything was for sale and, even though I'm told prices are depressed by 25 percent, they're still out of our price range. Not to mention, our archaic HOA rules bar us from renting out our current place, so we're trapped unless we want to take a bath selling it. Oh well.

But! I did need to pull over on the way down because I just found this new street name amusing. (Mt. Charleston is known for such names -- my friend lives on Jack Frost, which is just off Kris Kringle and around the corner from Snow White.)

Sounds fun, right? But here's what N. Elvis Alive Drive looks like thus far:

There's only about three houses on it and it ends about an eighth of a mile up like this:

But there was one thing that left me scratching my head. This house...

...had this sign in front of it:

Huh? 22 Car Garage? Where? Is that just a really awful typo? Here's this home's Zillow.Com entry. Its Zestimate is $1.4 million. Other Googling reveals it has been on the market for as much as $2.8 million. And this isn't even on the mountain. Yikes.


Mike Dobranski said...

Hey guys,

The property you are talking about on 8780 Elvis Alive does indeed have a 22 car garage that spans over 5,000 sq.ft. The property is on almost 2.2 acres of land.

Just so you know, Zillow should be a candidate to be the 8th dirty word on George Carlin's list. It is incredibly inaccurate, especially in the luxury market. While I personally haven't completed a Compartive Market Analysis on this property, I can assure you that Zillow estimates should be taken with extreme caution. It isn't that they lowball everything too...often Zillow estimates are just as over inflated as they are lowballed.

Mike Dobranski, REALTOR®
Prudential Americana Group, REALTORS®
Las Vegas / Henderson, NV


Troy from Las Vegas said...

Unless you are a car collector like Amazing Jonathan, I wonder why you would need a garage that large? Perhaps for parking spots out of the elements for guests at parties?

Anonymous said...

If Jay Leno is looking for a place to live after he ends his 'Tonight Show' gig, someone should point him towards this house. It *might* house most of his cars.

The second and third pictures strongly remind me of the area I moved to in eastern Washington as a child. I miss the desert sometimes.

-david from seattle