Thursday, September 4, 2008

Show is UP: The *%@& Bloopers Anniversary Show!

Sorry I'm late on this, but I got to exclusively observe a focus group of undecided women voters watching Sarah Palin's speech that was conducted here last night for a national publication and that cut into my podcast-editing and posting time. But here it is now! You can listen to it by clicking on the date below or right-click to download and listen to it whenever you want. Or subscribe via iTunes here or via Zune here:

Sept. 4: The &*#@! Blooper Anniversary Special!


The show you hear may make us sound like well-spoken, polite, erudite podcasters, but like many things in Las Vegas, that’s an illusion. For the past three years, we’ve been recording our show live with a listening audience of, well, tens, on the Internet. And so, as we did last year for our anniversary, we’re pulling the curtains back this week and airing all the behind-the-scenes drama. The curses! The chat people! The arguments! The Neil Sedaka impressions! The Steve abuse! It’s our 3rd birthday and we couldn’t be more thrilled, so sit back, relax … and beware.

In Banter: Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza thoughts, Mark has left LVRocks to reinvent the air conditioning, where the would 40/40 Club work, Yellow Tail Sushi opens at Bellagio, Criss Angel ups the hype with another delay, the M Resort’s blimp is delayed too, Virgin America debuts this week, the Price is Right Live’s fun but odd, Manilow changes his name and direct flights to China could be years away.


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