Thursday, October 16, 2008

Show is UP: Springer-board To Vegas

Oct. 16 (a.k.a. Friessmas): Jerry Springer

You know him as the ringmaster of one of the trashiest, low-class and successful syndicated TV shows of our time, but Jerry Springer may have yet another act coming: Vegas headliner. Springer, the host of the NBC reality contest “America’s Got Talent,” gets his first taste of that Friday as the emcee for a concert at the MGM Grand featuring this season’s winner and runners-up. Also, Springer defends the virtue – yes, virtue – of his talk show.

Plus: Taking apart a nasty Vegas-bashing comment, Wynn's new eateries, hi and bye to Point Break Live, some GOOD economic news and a gay hotel-casino.


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An obit for Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal from the R-J’s Benjamin Spillman is here
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Steve’s NYT piece on the outcome of the Plaza v Plaza case is here


Troy from Las Vegas said...

Heather and I like Laughlin because rooms, food etc is cheap there and still very acceptable. Harrah's treats us very well comp wise.
You can get the top level suite at River Palms for $150 on the weekend.

Troy from Las Vegas said...

Also, there is a good argument by former host Brian Dunkleman that American Idol is actually fixed.
How else can you explain how in season one the lessor talented of the two finalists won? Simply that it would create more album sales.
See? The best guy is going to seel albums anyway and the winner is going to sell albums too.
All this equals bigger earings for the "suits".