Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tony Curtis Exclusive in USA Today

Tony Curtis has a new memoir that hits shelves today, "American Prince." It's full of sex from start to finish and in my conversations with him I got him to admit he was probably a sex addict. I got to read the whole thing first and do the first print interview with him. (A steamy excerpt appears in November's Vanity Fair.) Part of the results of that is out today in USA Today. I'll be airing the rest of the provocative and in-depth interview with the film legend later this month on "The Strip." Here he is below in his backyard along Anthem Country Club overlooking the golf course and the Vegas skyline.

So Curtis is a respected artist. He has a studio where he paints. His works are in the permanent collection at NYC's MOMA, in fact. Among his projects, he spends a bit of his time retouching a blown-up publicity photo from his youth, see?

So, since I was the first to read and ask him about his book, he signed it in a special way...

Ain't that a blast?

See the USA Today piece here and stay tuned for the blockbuster interviews on "The Strip."


Anonymous said...

was it signed by Tofutti?

Troy from Las Vegas said...

What a view!
Imagine that on New Years Eve with all the fireworks.

Ray said...

Congrats Steve on a great exclusive! Fascinating read... and what a cool autograph! It looks like you!

Roberta said...

I really liked that story, especially the closing quote you chose.