Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vegas Says Politics is Hip

This is kind of amazing to me. Those who followed politics and those who partied hardy in Vegas never used to be the same group. But in this weird year, when the World Series hopes for a ratings bump from tonight's Barack Obama Show, when US Weekly covers the candidates as if they were pop-culture celebrities and when Paris Hilton offers a more sensible energy plan than either O'Biden or McPalin, I supposed it makes sense that the Strip would get in the act, too. This is, after all, the Greatest Reality Show Ever.

Beyond the Get Out The Vote event noticed above for Saturday night involving Amy Smart and, LAVO at Palazzo is also hosting an election-night results party on Nov. 4 starting at 5:30 p.m. (Click here to get on the guest list.) According to the email invite I received, "the most influential movers and shakers" will be there. With the Democrats gathering for their party's party at the Rio and the GOP gathering for theirs at the sportsbook formerly known as the 40/40 Club downstairs from LAVO, it really all depends on who they count as "movers and shakers."

Regardless, what a fascinating approach. I suspect we'll be seeing more of these events planned for Nov. 4 in coming days. Surely, for instance, the gays will gather at Krave? Oh, and Obama's coming back to Vegas for the 20th time -- and second time in a week -- on Saturday. So I guess our measly 5 electoral votes really matter.