Thursday, November 20, 2008

Four Fun Images For Ya

1. Oops. Spotted this on the way home from my eye exam yesterday. (Results, btw: Left eye 20/70, right eye 20/20, no pressing need for glasses though some looked stylish and does not explain (a) my headaches or (b) the fact that I'm a terrible driver. Oh well.)

2. Eye Candy. The clever kids at the Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts School in Vegas created this below out of sugar for a display at the Global Gaming Expo, which is on this week at the LVCC. I've been hunting around for stories, haven't seen anything that really gets me going yet. Everyone's just so depressed. (To find out how to have a relatively inexpensive, delicious gourmet meal at Cordon Bleu, check out the Oct. 26, 2006 Top Secret Tourist Tip of the Week from The Strip podcast.)

3. Who Knew... that Obama's daughter Malia was, uh, white? Sasha looks slightly closer to accurate, but add freckles and bad teeth to the child to the right and it could be a young Chelsea Clinton. Odd, no?

4. I Don't Get It. Maybe it's that I got up too early, but I love the Argyle Sweater comic strip so much and I need someone to explain to me why this is funny. Please?


Anonymous said...

Come on Steve, really? You don't get it? Number 2 pencils buying toilet paper? Number 2?


GOD BLESS YOU. I showed it to Miles this morning, too, and he didn't get it. OK. Now I can move on with my life.

Anonymous said...

i dont see whats funny about the boulder station sign. what am i missing?

Anonymous said...

The Vocabulary Vixen adjusts her bra strap and brandishes a riding crop to point out that "weelky" isn't a word. And she wonders if anyone wants "weelky" buffets twice a week even if they're free. Now, who wants to help the Vixen develop a lesson plan for "loose slots"?

Troy in Las Vegas said...

Pencil- Yes, that is what I thought too. But notice how they are leaving their #2 all over the floor? perhaps too late for t.p.

Boulder Station- And speaking of initials, I noticed Palace Station last week on their marque was advertising a "B.J. Tournament"

Wow, the economy must really be bad for that sort of thing to be going on. I thought they only would have a B.J. Tournament at Green Door.

BobK said...

Palace Station was/is promoting the Temptation Party Pit with 6 tables of alluring dealers (Thu-Sat in the evening), which is awful since it's all 6 to 5 for blackjacks. The sign at Palace Station outside said:


I do like the sexual connotation for BJ, being a degenerate male gambler that would rather be doing something else than losing money.

LinFromNJ said...

I couldn't figure out that cartoon either. thanks for explaining it.