Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Funny sentence

I'm still recovering from yesterday's headache -- going to an eye doc later today to see if maybe all these headaches are coming from eye strain or just bad karma -- and the time I lost on that, but I did want to send a hearty kudos out to Mike Weatherford of the R-J because this sentence made me LOL:

Little Bo Peep will be working the Strip with Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks next spring. Don't confuse them with "The Lion King."

C'mon. That's clever. And there's so little clever in the R-J.

Weatherford was referring to the announcement yesterday of a new $12 million topless show called "Peepshow" to open at the increasingly appropriately nicknamed Planet Ho. You can read Mike's report here and then check in on Norm's speculation about who might go topless in the production here.

But here's a question: Does Mel "Scary Spice" B (left) count as a "pop superstar" anymore? The press release hyping the announcement last week said it would be a “lavish multi-million dollar adult show starring a pop superstar and a siren of the small screen." Mel B is that "pop superstar" and the "siren of the small screen" is Kelly Monaco, a "General Hospital" actress who won the first season of "Dancing With The Stars." That's her above. I figured I owed my straight male readers a little something yummy. If she poses like that, odds are pretty high the former Playboy model will show the rest in Vegas come spring, right?

Oh, and this was also pretty humorous, albeit unintentionally. Monaco, when asked whether she might move to Vegas, told Weatherford it's possible and that raising kids here received high marks from her pal Toni Braxton. Braxton told Monaco: "Trust me, the schools out here are great for kids." HAHAHAHAHA.

To be fair, Braxton's oldest kid is only 6, which means he was 3 or 4 when Braxton moved here. But the Clark County School District is nothing short of a disaster. There are some good schools and many excellent teachers, but it's underfunded, overcrowded and about to get worse. There are many good reasons to live in Vegas. The public schools? Not one of them.


Anonymous said...

what a hater. now you're insulting all the teachers in clark county? rude! but thanks for the eye candy, even if you are a queer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture, Steve, it makes me want to do something beside laugh. Art, pure art.

Jeff in OKC

Anonymous said...

This is quite a month for former Playmates to be in the local news, what with the sad demise of Tiffany Sloan, age 35, on 11/1 or thereabouts. But thanks for the eye candy. Much appreciated.
DMc @ G2E