Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Diceman Cometh

As I suspect you've seen all over the news, we Las Vegans had a heckuva time with our wacky snow last night. I had shot a picture of our house for the blog earlier yesterday, but look at it a few hours later:

Shortly after this was taken, my neighborhood lost power for about four hours, making all the prettiness a bit more inconvenient. Miles had my car at work because his is in the shop, so my friend Trevor picked me up to take me to his place so I could write my overdue Steve Wynn profile. I do wonder if my editor believed my dog-ate-my-homework excuse for lateness, that my desert city was overwhelmed by snow.

If he didn't believe it, check this out -- the Vegas snowman! Notice the nose of ice:

Before Trevor came by, I forced our water-hating dogs on a walk. They weren't amused, especially when they were being used for publicity purposes.

They're clever, though. They found a snowless clearing of grass beneath a large tree to do their business. It's hard to see -- look for Jack's glowing eyes to the left.

I admit it; I did not pick up after them this time. Fine me. Exceptional circumstances, you know. Fine me.

By this morning, it's all but gone now -- there's some dustings around the neighborhood but it won't last long. When Trevor came back, the re-inflated Chubby Santa outside our place was almost clear of snow.

Most of us enjoyed the spectacle, but this lady around the corner sure didn't:

There was still enough snow, though, to torture Black and Jack just one more time on this morning's walk...

Oh well. The Clark County School District -- and this will KILL readers up north -- canceled school today. First time in 30 years. Even though it was all over by midnight. I guess every kid should know the joy of a snow day at least once in a childhood.


LinFromNJ said...

we're getting our own snow tonight. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Steve: Did you take off your toupee and put it on that snowman?