Friday, December 19, 2008


OK, folks. I've worked long and hard on this one. My profile of Steve Wynn is out on the AFP wire. In the process of that work, Wynn gave me this hour-long personal tour of Encore. You can:
  • Download the audio by right-clicking here
  • Find the map here
  • Follow along with an annotated written guide here
We'll have much more on the next two proper episodes of "The Strip" as well as in my Las Vegas Weekly column next week. All I ask is that, if you haven't already and feel compelled to, please donate to this blog and podcast to support this work. It takes a lot of time and life is expensive. Click on the DONATE button at upper-right.


Anonymous said...

I hope this doesn't sound like a praise-a-thon report, but, I don't mind paying for cable T.V., XM, and Sirius satellite radio. Yet, I find podcasts to be the favorite thing I listen to. I am glad to be a regular contributor, and urge others to do the same.

Jeff in OKC

mike_ch said...

I know this is the most ridiculous thing to request, but Steve, you must use your pull to let us see whatever of these cab tunnels Steve is talking about. The Bellagio or Encore one would be interesting (the racetrack one at WLV, as described, sounds annoying more than entertaining.)

Heck, I'm practically wondering if I can pay a cabbie to just run me through a tunnel. =b


MIke - i am totally going to do this as a blog pictorial or something. it's just too funny to even contemplate.

mike_ch said...

Oh god, oh god... "How's he doing that? How does he move.... That gliding isn't damaging the mosaic, is it? Sir! SIR!... Yeah, I work here."

That was the most hilarious Wynn moment I've heard in ages. A billionaire befuddled by Healies.

A+++++ Would Listen Again

RJ Guy said...

if this isn't the podcast of the year at the trippies, then the trippies are totally irrelevant. Friess, you're a treasure. You too, Miles.

jsmeeker said...

What a great podcast, Steve! The stuff about the cab tunnels neat. Overall, Encore sounds nice. I was intrigued by "Switch" when I first heard about it. And if you say it's pretty neat, I'm sure I'll get a kick out of it.

Mr E in Santa Cruz said...

Amazing ! The way you have cultivated relationships in Vegas while keeping your objectivity and integrity is something that is great to watch. Keep up the great work !

Also: After seeing you guys at podcast a palooza, I think that you guys need new art showing Miles with long hair.

Anonymous said...

Integrity? HA!

Bill A. said...

I think Mr. Winn had multiple orgasms while describing his newest creation. Especiallly in his description of the Spa (which Steve did not seem nearly as impressed) and the taxi tunnels. I was very entertained (as always) with the show and look forward to more. Thanks for the show(s).

Anonymous said...

It was good to hear someone like Wynn calling out Steve F. for his unpleasant tendency to relish spats, prolong feuds, and publish frivilous gossip. Wynn was impressive in the way he laid out the ground rules for the interview and expressed annoyance at Steve's trying to change the purpose of the interview from a tour of the new place to Perez Hilton style dishing about Sheldon. Wynn was perfect. Someone needed to do that, and who better than Wynn? He managed to be tough, but not obnoxious; firm but not overbearing. One could see from that exchange why Wynn is Wynn, and we're not.

Anonymous said...

I also liked how Steve won't let anyone comment on his "The Idiot That is Friess" post.

You know, because given his own experience and expertise in the world of journalism critique, he can post some drivel tearing apart his colleagues and let the commenters slam away, but he can't take the same.

George Kingsley, New York City said...

Hmm, Now lets see. .You're an anonymous poster who won't sign your name to your hate. Steve Friess has willingly acknowledged his own mistakes even though he had no obligation to do so. Which of you has more credibility? Which one of you has the moral high ground?

I don't know why Steve didn't allow comments, but he had to know people like you could post on other parts of the blog. It's his blog. He's forthright and open about everything, including his mistakes.

I only wish more of the media felt the kind of obligation to the public that Steve Friess clearly feels.

P.S. You've linked to a blog post in which Steve corrects an error. Is there something wrong with making errors and correcting them? Steve never claimed to be perfect. In fact, he said so in the post you're reacting to. So what's your beef? Would you prefer nobody do any media critiquing? What's the matter, you can't take a little guff? Your name wouldn't happen to be JOE, would it?

Anonymous said...

Nope, I'm not Joe. I think he's a bigger douche than Steve is.

I just find it rather funny that Steve spends so much time talking about how awesome he is, yet when he makes a mistake, he doesn't allow comments.

I couldn't give a shit about the moral high ground.

And I linked to that post because if you'll remember, he eviscerated Ms. Goldman while at the same time being completely ignorant of the facts. He participated in horrendous "critiquing" in that matter, yet still spends significant time patting himself on the back and looking longingly at himself in the mirror.

Then in very poor blog etiquette he deleted any evidence of his awful mistake.