Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Show is UP: Cheech & Wilson

We're finally offering up the elusive, strange conversations with the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson and Cheech Marin. Hooray! Also, we mull a lot of news and much more. To your left, here's the results of my own personal application of this week's Top Secret Tourist Tip. Just a reminder that all the old tips are archived on the site here. Anyhow, hear the show by clicking on the date or right-click to download it and listen whenever you want. Or subscribe via iTunes here or via Zune here.

Dec. 4: Brian Wilson, Cheech Marin

We never know quite what to do when Steve emerges from his office after an interview and says, ‘Well, that sucked.’ Usually, he’s wrong. And tonight, we’re going to find out. This fall, Steve chatted with Cheech Marin and Brian Wilson and, each time, he was initially dissatisfied with the outcome. But in reviewing them later, decided the conversations were Strip-worthy after all, perhaps because of their weirdness. So, this week , we let ‘em rip.

In Banter: Viva McDonalds is a McDonalds, Copperfield's still great, the gingerbread house display is pretty cool, R is for what?!?! and Wynn's doing it Sinatra's way.

Show links:

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Doug Elfman’s report on how hard it was to interview Brian Wilson is here


John said...

Delicatessen is a German word and they have them in Germany. Most delis that Americans have eaten were started by mostly German or central European Jews.

Belvedere said...

I happened to see this Tweet (Twitter message). Sounds like he's talking about you. Kinda weird. Seems the Simpson sentencing is today (Dec 5).

Do you have any news about Dominic Dunne's health? Have you kept in touch after having made that special connection with him last fall?