Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mob TV

Somehow, I've become the media defender of the notion of a mob museum in downtown Vegas. It's one thing when I choose to cover the topic in my column, since that's my choice. And it's not surprising that the national media would find the matter fascinating, too. But it seems to prove my point that everyone finds all things Mafia enthralling when even the LOCAL media wants to discuss it at length. I mean, it's local people/journalists who complain that the national media only take note of the disreputable sides of Las Vegas, right?

Anyhow, if you want to catch up, you can click here on the image below and scoot up to about 12:20 for what becomes a raucous scrum unbecoming of refined PBS. In other words, it's fun.

A few days later, in some new duds -- especially the dashing new tie -- Miles bought for me and with greater care given to my coif, my NWiR sparring pal Jon Ralston had me on his program, Face To Face on Las Vegas One, to hash it out again. Bob Stoldal, a legendary Las Vegas newsman and I believe former news director at CBS affiliate KLAS, is on the mob museum board. And while I believe the museum can be successful, I also kind of got Stoldal to admit that the tourist estimates for the Atomic Testing Museum and Springs Preserve were both inflated. He also doesn't quite explain where the Mob Museum will get its money from, since it's sure not going to be the federal stimulus package.

There are two segments, each about 9 minutes long. Find them here or click on the image below. Miles thinks I kinda look like a wiseguy. Add a hat and a violin case, ta-da. Were any of the mobsters gay? I mean, outside of on "The Sopranos"?

Fun stuff. And now back to our vacation.


Anonymous said...

The mob museum is a fun idea, but I don't know if fed govt money is needed, matching funds perhaps. The Feds are supplying the building after all.
The public at large is facinated by crime, but why not include an exibit on the "crimes of the upper world over those of the underworld," as stated in "The Outfit" by Gus Russo.

Tom M. said...

I clicked on the video for NWiR and got a show that did not have you on it. I could not see anything in their archives that had a previous show. Can you fix the link or did I miss something.

mike_ch said...

I am against the Mob Museum and feel it is an Oscar legacy project, but I would not oppose it so long as two conditions are met:

1) the historic building is preserved in a respectful way, signage and promotion outside do not distract from it's original design (in other words, don't dress it up in neon)

2) no taxpayer money is used for it

Other than that, for-profit or non-profit I don't care, if it isn't successful it will just be shut down. But no subsidies from people such as myself who would never go to such a thing.

Anonymous said...

How about a Steve Friess museum instead? Oh, wait: That's this blog!

Ray said...

Lookin' good there Mr. Friess... You clean up nice! ;)