Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wynns Divorcing?

The New York Post is reporting this morning that Steve and Elaine Wynn are divorcing because he has fallen for a British woman in her 40s. This news comes days after Mr. Wynn turned 67 at a gala put on by Elaine. It seems they've remained friendly. They're also still in business together; Elaine is on the Wynn board. Not to mention, Elaine's nephew, Andrew Pascal, is the president and COO of Wynn Las Vegas LLC.

Not sure there's anything more to say about it. I've already turned down a major gossip publication asking me to dig deeper into the identity of the woman. It's not my kind of journalism, so I won't be doing that.


Anonymous said...

Page Six is a serious news outlet? Hell, the Post is a serious news outlet?

mike said...

SF - Kudos to you for declining the gossip rag. Keep up your standards, my friend.

R-J Guy said...

if i were you, i wouldn't turn down work. economy is tough.

Anonymous said...

Well it would not be the first time, they've split. :)

Charles in Richmond, VA said...

This is the guy you ask for insight into the mindset of powerful guys like Eliott Spitzer. So was he involved with this woman then?

Anonymous said...

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