Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Amateur Three Minutes Runs Amok!

I swear I was going to leave this be for now, I really was. I'd had my fun and now it was time give the fine folks at RJTV a fighting chance to refine their product. But then I got a note from a prominent journalist urging me to take a look at today's edition of the daily news program.

So I did. And I'll say right now that it's difficult to know what part of this mess someone might find bizarre and blogworthy.

As I started watching, I wondered if my attention was being drawn to the fact that on RJTV, over-the-shoulder graphics get placed ON Nate Tannenbaum's shoulder by people unclear on the concept. You know, like this:

Not great, but hardly the worst sin. I mean, it's not like anyone's ever done this sort of programming before anywhere ever, right? Give them a break! They're inventing a wheel here. It takes practice!

So I kept watching. A few moments later, I was sure I had unearthed the priceless nugget to which I had been led when accused child rapist Chester Stiles, uh, ate Nate. Here's a digital flipbook, if you will:

Poor Nate! And poor Dude Who Didn't Know How Stupid That Looked And Published It On The Website Of A Professional Newspaper. Well, not poor DWDKHSTLaPIotWoaPN. He's got a job, as baffling as that may seem.

But ultimately, I really don't think that's why I was pointed to this thing today. I'm fairly certain my friend wanted me to see the R-J's publisher, Sherm Frederick, popping into the studio direct from the golf course and perhaps in need of a stronger SPF product.

Sherm was there to offer up a profound little life lesson: Capitalism = Good. The segment is not labeled as opinion, but that's probably DWDKHSTLaPIotWoaPN's fault anyway. The publisher, whom I assume has given more than a few public speeches in his time, nonetheless delivers his lines like that Boom Goes The Dynamite kid, leading us into a lengthy 30-year-old clip of economist Milton Friedman telling Phil Donahue that greed is good. Then it's back to Sherm to conclude -- and this is all he says before it's time for Yesterday's Weather Forecast Today -- "Well, here we are pondering these same issues in 2009." Sure we are if you're the R-J's editorial board and you believe any advocacy whatsoever on behalf of government intervention in a devastated economy is the equivalent of giving up altogether on capitalism. To the rational people, though, these matters are a little less black and white.

Mostly, though, I'm horrified by what this actually shows us. RJTV is not intended to inform, it is intended to become a soap box for a vainglorious newspaper publisher! Next week, maybe he'll condescend to explain why murder is bad, no matter what that growing legion of pro-murder activists say!

Evidently there just isn't enough news to smear all over ol' Nate's face.


Anonymous said...

At least during the '05-'07 period Sherm enjoyed a company-subsidized membership at Southern Highlands, so he may indeed have come straight off the links, as you suggest. I don't know if that executive perk survived the recent series of stringency measures at R-J HQ or not.

David McKee

Mike Dobranski said...

Yes! Way to incorporate Boom Goes The Dynamite into your blog! I'm so proud.

Anonymous said...

You're very very funny.

GregoryZephyr said...

Steve, you make the assumption that this broadcast is meant to be serious news. I think it's actually a clever entertainment ploy. It's like "This is Ted Baxter at WJM News in Minneapolis" (remember, from the Mary Tyler Moore show?) In other words its supposed to be funny. Just wait until they start having Nate mispronounce names. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Bad news: I just watched Wednesday's "newcast" and Nate's sheer-shirt/wife-beater combo is back. A "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" intervention may be in order.

David McKee

Anonymous said...

Must disagree with GregoryZephyr, respectfully, of course. It's clear RJTV is seen as just another venue from which to spew right-wing talking points, much like the editorials, news stories, blogs and so much of the rest of the RJs website. They've become purveyors of conservative dogma, not truth, and there's a big difference.

Nate's not so bad, though.