Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Introducing The Luxor Hostel-Casino!

You've gotta be kidding. I understand that times are tough. But I'm just not sure that pushing $9-a-night sardine-packed rooms is exactly the right way to go.

The funny thing is, I remember Luxor President Felix Rappaport, in explaining to me the approach to adding all the cool new attractions to the hotel (LAX, Company, Criss Angel Believe, Cathouse, etc), saying that the historic problem with the property was that people stayed there but didn't use the place. The word he used to describe such an enterprise? Dormitory. And yet, five-to-a-room starts to sound a bit like a dorm, too, doesn't it?

That said, I'm not sure this offer is an honest one anyway. What they're saying is that you can book the cheapest rooms available and not pay the surcharge of $30 for having more than two guests in a room.

Yet I've been through the calendar and I've tried and tried to get the lowest rate available when putting in that I want to have 4 people in the room. (It doesn't allow you to put in more than 4, despite the special offer.) Every time I search for a room that sleeps 4, the rooms I'm told are available are the larger, more expensive ones. See?

I tried over and over throughout the offer period, which runs from February 25 to November 30. You give it a go. Not one single time did the system offer me the least expensive room if I said I wanted to house four people. I thought maybe that was because they wouldn't let me have four or five people in a room that doesn't have two queen beds and that all the 2-queen rooms are more expensive, but that's not the case, either. The cheapest rooms can come with two queens.

So this promotion fails on two fronts. First, it makes the Luxor sound like a youth hostel. And two, the offer being promoted doesn't actually exist the way its being promoted.

[Hat tip to Matt in Boca for this one.]


matt in boca said...

What a weird promotion.

Anonymous said...

checked the calendar associated with the promo and May 26-28 and 31 were cheap nights ($42).

I tested with 4 adults and got $91 rate. I tried 2 adults + 2 kids and got the lower rate. The form wouldn't allow more than 4 people in the room in any combo.

Mike said...

The rates won't change. You do the math yourself.

2 people in a room at $21 per person = $42.

3 people in a room at $14 per person = $42.

4 people in a room at $11 per person = $44, etc.

Just imagine, if you can round up 40 of your closest friends you're looking at around $1 per person! We're going to hold our 25th college reunion there. I'm probably looking at about 18 cents for the night. Problem is I still can't afford the rental car with all those darn taxes. Now let's see, if I can cram 15 people in a compact that would be...

Jinx said...

A post on OpenVegas forum, had an interesting point about the email offer. They used their standard language at the bottom of the offer, which stated something along the lines of rate based on 2 occupants, additional occupants at $25 a person or something like that. I didn't receive the email offer and the linked page was gone after a day or so of being up, but you might want to see if they've corrected their mistake.