Thursday, February 19, 2009

And now for some GOOD tourism news!

I actually broke this news a couple weeks ago out of my lunch with Boyd Gaming co-founder Bill Boyd, but the LVCVA just put out a press release announcing Hawaiian Airlines is adding a third daily flight from Honolulu to Las Vegas four times a week. It starts next week.

Still, I don't mind re-reporting something like this. It's just nice -- and unexpected -- to report something good happening in the tourism business around here. I wonder how it is the Hawaiians still have money to travel, but thank goodness they do.


Troy in Las Vegas said...

Funny because in USA Today today they are reporting that cash strapped tourists are avoiding Hawaii

Anonymous said...

ATA and Aloha used to fly on that Las Vegas-Honolulu route, but both shut down last year when fuel prices went through the roof. That left Hawaiian as the only player in the route, excluding the charter flights Boyd Gaming runs on Omni Air.

Obviously there's still enough demand given the loss of those other carriers for Hawaiian to feel it can fill a third flight.

Let's wish Hawaiian well. They offer a great product and we could use more air successful air service here, regardless of where it comes from.

aunt stephy said...

I'm wondering if it's Nevadans and not Hawaiians with the money. Lots flights home, perhaps?