Tuesday, February 17, 2009

RJTV is...

...a lot better today, on the second day out. Watch it here. It's more of a proper show, with Nate reading some stories. It's essentially a newscast without any video, but I suspect we'll get to that. Still no share-ability or portability. It's almost like they're inventing the modern news program one block at a time, which is odd because it's already been invented. But it's nice to see it's more substantive than the first attempt.

To respond to one recent commenter: The other videos on the site are NOT what is being referred to as RJTV. It's cool that they're there and some are better than others, but it really just points to the fact that they've been doing some of this work in a somewhat disorganized way for a while and still they've not stumbled across the commonly offered tools for sharing this content around the Web.

Oh, and one more thing: Thanks, Nate, for skipping the sheer shirt today. Whew.