Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nicely done, Mr. Mayor

Keep in mind only 41 percent of those who voted said in a companion survey they thought Obama was doing well with the economy. So these aren't folks in the tank for Obama. Not scientific, but with numbers like that, you have to wonder whose remarks got broader attention.


mike_ch said...

As of right now this story is in the headline space on CNN usually reserved for "Breaking News" alerts (must be a slow news period) about an out-of-work Greek Isles magician.

While I guess it's nice that a story on the Vegas job market has reached the most widely-seen space in the press (since the front page of the NYT isn't worth much anymore), the story is ridiculous.

The sacrifices of these people! They "cancelled their home phone service" (suggesting they have cell phones, in which case they're probably more normal), pool service, and "a monthly pest control service that kept a scorpion problem in check" (which, depending on the severity and details of such a problem, could be solved by doing the work on your own.)

Thankfully, their daughter was spared having to attend public school like the majority of Clark County children. That would have been a devastating loss of lifestyle.

Seriously? This is the most relatable story they could come up with regarding the Vegas economy? They didn't just come up with the most Vegasy story they could come up with ("Be sure to mention white tigers in there somewhere, Bob!" "Does he have any?" "I don't know!") and make it look like we're just a bunch of spoiled whiners who feel like poverty cases when we have to do our own housework?