Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No live chat tonight, but...

...we have worked out a way to do a show here at home while LVRocks.Com finds a new location. And I'm trying to find out if we can get the website to play it later in the week so we can have our chat experience. Keep watch here and we'll see what's what, but expect a show either way.


V.S. said...

You don't need LVrocks website to do a live show, including chat. There are a number of sites that allow someone to have a live vidcast for free. They're used both by kids in dorm rooms or bedrooms in their parents' houses as well as by many tech journalists for their live tech shows like Leo Laporte and Cali Lewis.

The signup is as easy as getting a free email account. You can use a cheap webcam and the mic in your laptop or professional equipment. You can skip the video and just send audio. Every page has a built-in chat area and is all Flash based. You just give out the address like stickam.com/thestrippodcast, and you're set. You might never need the expense of a studio if you got good mics and a mixer.

Some of these sites are http://blogtv.com http://ustream.com http://stickam.com