Tuesday, March 10, 2009

From The NOT-Only-In-Vegas Files

[UPDATE: I changed the headline on this item because evidently it's not unique to here after all. Sorry I don't watch local TV in Knoxville! -sf]

We're running a poll right now asking you for what nonexistent Vegas attraction you'd pay to do. And along comes something that easily could've been on the list had I imagined it. Dave McKee at LasVegasAdvisor.Com reports in his news column today that, for a few hundred bucks, you can get in the operator's seat of a Caterpillar excavator!

The front of the website PlayWithOurCats.Com says you can do a half-day for $249 but the booking section indicates a 90-minute experience costs $350 and a full day is $700. Either way, what a great idea!

Here's part of their sales pitch:

At the Big Dig! Adventure, you can operate an excavator or a bulldozer by yourself on our 10-acre playground. No experience or prior training is necessary, we’ll teach you everything you need to know, and we’ll be right there with radios to help you be a safe and successful operator on your first day. If you are bored with golf, sunburned from the pool, and tired of paying the one-armed bandits, get away for a few hours and make a childhood dream come true in our enormous, climate controlled Earth-moving Machines.

I love it. Brilliant. If only Boyd had thought of this! They could have had tourists PAYING to help them complete Echelon. The only thing I don't get is the air-conditioned cabs. That hardly seems like a realistic adventure.

Anyone ever heard of such an attraction elsewhere?


MM Las Vegas said...

Yes, this idea was first in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. DigThis.info

Bay in TN said...

Heck, Steve, it's been a year or so since I watched a local anchor girl try to maneuver one of those machines in an attraction like that in -- of all places -- Knoxville, TN. I can't believe the sticks are ahead of the glitz!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about an attraction, but 40-50 years ago, when Bill France was building the NASCAR superspeedways at Daytona, or Talladega, he opened a school for earth moving equipment operators. Reportedly he got all the dirt work done at no cost.

Jeff in OKC